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Thanks for checking out My Fashion @ Carolina Place. I started this blog site with my daughter, we love fashion! We wanted to share our interests and style with you, done creatively and affordable. We put together outfits with items from thrift stores, second hand stores as well as new items from popular stores. You will also see accessories designed by me paired with each outfit styled by me. I hope to give you great ideas in putting together the latest trends in clothes for the season. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to try something new. Thanks again for visiting.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Country Sun!

Ready for the sun? We are totally ready....for that "Country Sun". Spring is coming and it makes for that weather, when it's cooler in the early morning and warmer in the afternoon. Here in the South that is. Good fashion sense isn't just wearing "cool" trendy clothes, it's also knowing how to make an outfit for a changing temperature day. It's fitting your mood, and feeling good about yourself.

We put together an outfit that was layered. A tan sundress from ~Altar'd State, a refurbished Gap jean shirt we cut and hemmed. This makes it a cropped style, which hits right at the waist and is a more flattering length to go with the waistline of the dress. The dress is sheer and flirty, and has an accordion style skirt. Love this classic dress and even more so by adding the denim shirt and cowboy boots(~Madden Girl), changes the whole overall style of this ensemble! Great for a "Country Sun" day.

No fancy, heavy jewelry needed....just a lovely coral and key charm necklace. The coral gives a pop of color which adds interest to the outfit.

 When it get's warmer....just take the shirt/jacket off and you still look adorable but a lot cooler.

"This weather automatically puts me in a better mood!"- A quote from Chelsey.

Grab your cowboy boots, and if you don't have any GO BUY SOME! This spring season putting a pair of boots with an outfit is a great idea all the time! Whether its jeans, shorts, a skirt or dress....it's a good idea! You don't have to be from the south or live out in the country to sport this look. You just have to be put them on! Have fun, and sport those boots this spring....out in the Country Sun!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leather Shorts with Black, Spike Heels.

Pairing an over sized sweater with leather shorts is a perfect combo for this fun, chic look.

Add some black opaque tights for winter weather.

Spiked accessories is all the rage right now. Rather it's jewelry, shoes, hand bags, or clothes, you can't go wrong with this fashion trend.

Oh yea! These heels are AWESOME! Black, open toe, spike accents.....perfection!

Let's have a close-up! They are the "star" of this outfit. The leather shorts are great, but those heels are perfect. Can you have a love affair with shoes......YES!

Looking Fabulous!

Venture out and buy you a pair of leather shorts. Wear those heels with spikes that you didn't think you could pull off. You most certainly can! You will be fabulous! Happy New Year... branch out of your comfort zone this new year. Show just how fabulous you are!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter Time is here...Goodbye Fall!

Winter Time is here and Fall is gone....but we took advantage of the last of the leaves before they were gone! All these pictures were taken by our friend Ashleigh from Still Shots Photography. You can visit her web site at www.stillshotsphotography.com. Thank you Ashleigh for such amazing pictures!

I love Fedoras, and you can wear them almost with every outfit. All hats are really popular now, thank goodness! So many styles, colors,and textures.
We added w pop of color to this ensemble with the bright blue blouse! An item we found at a thrift store. The jacket is Merona~ Target, Scarf~H & M, Fedora~Target, boots~Rue 21.

The great thing about Winter are all the layers you get to wear. This season, the more the better. Another great look would have been adding a sweater over the blouse, still keeping the jacket. Boots of every leg height and heel are totally in. Even cowboy boots! It makes me want them all!

Beautiful leaves....sad to see them go, but love winter and Winter Fashion.

It's Tuesday, hope your week goes well. Get out those scarves, jackets, sweaters, and shirts....layer, layer, layer!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chevron, Coral and Spikes

Love Coral jeans, love Chevron print, love Spiked accessories!

Coral Skinny Jeans~Rue 21, Chevron blouse~Rue 21, Spiked handbag~Rue 21

Love this look! Instead of a mint or white top, that was popular in the summer to wear with coral skinny jeans, wear a darker color for fall and winter. This season you will not be putting away those bright colored skinnies.

"All things Spiked".....jewelry, handbags, pumps, flats, boots, you name it "spiked" is in! This cream, spiked handbag is an awesome addition to this outfit. Just the right, latest trend to finish it off.

The "Side Cross" is another new trend in jewelry. We chose this delicate rhinestone, gold metal necklace for this outfit because of the Chevron printed blouse.....nothing to compete with it. Chevron is another hot trend. I love this print in everything!

Try all these new trends and implement them into your wardrobe.....you will not go wrong. They're fun, they're fresh, not to mention very fashionable. Thanks for visiting MyFashion@Carolinaplace. We will be bringing you more and more of the latest trends and ideas, and how to put them all together for a more fashionable YOU!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall, Fedoras, and Leather Leggings!

Love Fall weather and with Fall weather comes great Fall outfits! Like this little number.....Leather leggings, scarf, boots, fedora and an awesome white over sized button up shirt. Love, love, love this look!

Another hot trend right now is pairing brown and black together. This use to be a no no, but now it is the new combo. We added a multi brown colored scarf with the black and white.

These "old school" glasses are the rage right now also. A design borrowed from the 60's...nothing is new under the sun.

Did you know there was even a trend in how you carry your big over sized bag? Yep! You simply let it hang from the bend in your arm. No shoulder hanging please.....unless you really don't care bout such things. This is one trend, depending on how I am feeling will I do. The majority of the time, it's the good 'ol shoulder for me.

White shirt~thrift store, bag~thrift store, Scarf~Express, boots~Target, Fedora~Rue 21, Leather Leggings~Charlotte Russe

Another trend is the "side cross", we ordered this from Etsy. Along with the side cross trend, is layering of bracelets. The widest, spikey, silver one was my grandmother's, which makes it vintage. She's had it since the 60s.

Ecclesiastes 1:19~"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

Fall Fashion....fun, trend, and layers! Style that is "hot" for the cold weather!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Homecoming.....The perfect dress, the perfect shoes!

Homecoming! The event to have the perfect dress and the perfect shoes! Oh and of course jewelry!

We added a great chuncky green necklace to the neutral pallet we had going on. The dress was screaming for a  fabulous big, bold, colored ensemble.

Shoes~Lime light , These shoe were perfect! Now normally I would say don't pick the same color shoes as the dress, but these were just too pretty to walk away from. The whole top is made out of fabric. The sole has the great, glitter bling!

necklace~ Rue 21, Dress~ Xtraordinary:Dillards.

The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect necklace, the perfect night! Memories made from Homecoming 2012.