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Thanks for checking out My Fashion @ Carolina Place. I started this blog site with my daughter, we love fashion! We wanted to share our interests and style with you, done creatively and affordable. We put together outfits with items from thrift stores, second hand stores as well as new items from popular stores. You will also see accessories designed by me paired with each outfit styled by me. I hope to give you great ideas in putting together the latest trends in clothes for the season. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to try something new. Thanks again for visiting.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Country Sun!

Ready for the sun? We are totally ready....for that "Country Sun". Spring is coming and it makes for that weather, when it's cooler in the early morning and warmer in the afternoon. Here in the South that is. Good fashion sense isn't just wearing "cool" trendy clothes, it's also knowing how to make an outfit for a changing temperature day. It's fitting your mood, and feeling good about yourself.

We put together an outfit that was layered. A tan sundress from ~Altar'd State, a refurbished Gap jean shirt we cut and hemmed. This makes it a cropped style, which hits right at the waist and is a more flattering length to go with the waistline of the dress. The dress is sheer and flirty, and has an accordion style skirt. Love this classic dress and even more so by adding the denim shirt and cowboy boots(~Madden Girl), changes the whole overall style of this ensemble! Great for a "Country Sun" day.

No fancy, heavy jewelry needed....just a lovely coral and key charm necklace. The coral gives a pop of color which adds interest to the outfit.

 When it get's warmer....just take the shirt/jacket off and you still look adorable but a lot cooler.

"This weather automatically puts me in a better mood!"- A quote from Chelsey.

Grab your cowboy boots, and if you don't have any GO BUY SOME! This spring season putting a pair of boots with an outfit is a great idea all the time! Whether its jeans, shorts, a skirt or dress....it's a good idea! You don't have to be from the south or live out in the country to sport this look. You just have to be put them on! Have fun, and sport those boots this spring....out in the Country Sun!