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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Prom Time!

Keep it " Simple Chic"! Not too many ruffles, you can even stay away from them all together. A little "Glitz". Look for dresses that have some detail of rhinestones or sequins. Too much can be, well too much! You don't want to be tacky, just classy. 

Let your "impact" be something more like this. A dress with a low cut back. But not too low cut. You don't want to look cheap, just beautiful!

Now we loved the back of this dress but it needed a little "somethin' somethin'" in front. So we added a vintage brooch, I found downtown in one of those vintage shops. Love those shops! See.....perfect!

Instead of a silver or over the top sparkly dress, we chose a white dress with some sparkle, leaving the silver to be in the accessories. Rhinestone bangles and a silver clutch (bought at a second hand store for only six bucks I might add). Again we added a little more sparkle to the clutch with the rhinestones.

For hair, we did two braids. The top braid is a rope braid. The bottom, is a french braid. We pulled hair from the left over to the right in between the two braids. Then just added lots and lots of loose curls. A pin here, a pin there to secure. Don't forget your "somethin' somethin' ". Jazzed-up pins with rosettes(designed by me),  add just the right touch and Voila! Gorgeous!

We paired an old sequin necklace ( once my grandmothers) with earrings that were more modern and didn't dangle. Remember " too much is too much". This seemed to look just right.

This picture wouldn't have been nearly as good if the yellow dump truck wasn't in the background.

Instead of the typical white or black or even silver high heel we went with  "blushful pink" patent leather pumps. Think outside the box. You don't want to be "typical". You want to be FABULOUS!

Happy Prom! You get to be Cinderella for an evening without your style changing at midnight.