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Monday, August 27, 2012

Senior Moments ~ Class of 2013 : Take Two!

" Senior Smiles "

Starting the new year as a Senior!

Yellow shirt with mint shorts.  Great combination! Photographs well and shows off that summer tan for those senior pictures. We put a tan beaded necklace with it for  little "somthin' somethin'". The outfit remains casual but not boring.

Silliness is a must! You have to put a little fun in things or life would be boring!

Bought an inexpensive evening gown to play in the sand and water. A five dollar evening gown. If we ruined it , who cares? It was five dollars. Think about finding something unique when taking your senior pictures. Have fun with it!

" I'm a senior this year....OMG!"

Love black and white photos!

" I'm thinking of all I have ahead of me......"

"Senior Status! Finally! We will conquer the world and make a difference forever!"  Have a great year Class of 2013! It's only the beginning!


  1. Wow, Michelle those are great senior pictures. You daughter is so beautiful. Love the choose of clothes, the variety is perfect. Especially that gown for 5 Dollars is super beautiful and comes out nicely at the beach. Great combi with the blue shots and that adorable yellow pleated top.


    <3 Ani

    1. Thanks again Ani! Can't believe she is already a senior! Time flies. :)