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Friday, July 20, 2012

Decade Borrowing...Retro : Forties Style!

Borrowing a style from another decade can be fun and inspiring!

Wow.....this pic looks like it actually was taken in the forties! We had so much fun with this look, so I posted more pictures than usual because it was just too hard to pick what to use and what not to use.

We thought outside of the box and added purple pumps with the aqua and black. Remember don't be typical and pick black shoes, be fabulous and pick a color that compliments. I love aqua with purple!

I got this dress at a thrift store for a dollar! "Holla"! I was so excited, thus inspiring this Retro Style borrowed from the forties! I made the Fascinator (the little hat), the purple pumps are from Charlotte Russe, clutch~Catos.

Polka-Dots! Will probably never be out. They will always make an appearance some how. Either in clothes or accessories, they span throughout the decades!


Have a little fun......don't be scared! You get to decide who you are with every style you choose that day! So switch it up, "keep 'em guessin'"! Which decade will you borrow from? The forties, fifties, sixties, all the way through the nineties. There is probably a little of you in every one. So venture out, and have fun!!

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  1. this is so vintagy. Love the Fascinator you made to match this dress, the hair look so beautiful. Great photographs.

    <3 Ani