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Friday, August 3, 2012

Modern Vintage Love Affair!

The old and new. Modern and Vintage. The two go hand in hand with this look....a love affair, if you will. Love, love, love putting two " times" together. Then and the now. A match made in heaven. Well not really,  just a match made up in our closet.

You will not believe this, but this is a 1950-1960's maternity top. We got it downtown in a Vintage clothing store. It is precious! I altered the top by taking it in on the sides so it wasn't huge, still leaving it loose. Love the pockets and tie at the collar.

The purse is also vintage. got it at a thrift store. you've seen it before in another post. Go to the archives and revisit.

REFURBISHED!  We sprayed painted the heel and tip of these yellow pumps in a soft, gloss aqua. Love the yellow and aqua together.

Yellow skinny jeans~Rue 21, refurbished yellow pumps~Rue 21

Look at all the pretty detail of this top. The fabric, the color, the little white buttons, and of course the tie. The earrings are from Rue 21 also. They look like vintage, but they are not.

Vintage clothing is very hot right now. Even the design of clothing today is mimicking the past. I wonder sometimes about who may have carried that old hand bag, wore that old blouse, sported the old jewelry that now belongs to us. What were they like, and did they love fashion as much as we do.


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    1. Thanks so much!And thanks for checking out the blog! Visit again!:)

  2. your hair looks amazing, and those shoes are to die for!love it :)


    1. Thank You! It was a new look but it turned out better than I thought! So did the shoes being DYI project. Thanks for checking out the blog! Visit us again! :)

  3. WOW, this is probably one of my favourite looks so far. Love the vintage yet modern twist of this look. Especially that maternity top from the 50's is super adorable and matches the yellow skinny pants perfectly. How I adore thise pearl vintage bag, I would probably wear it all the time, sucha classic and versatile piece. Great diy cap shoes matches the rest of the look so nicely.


  4. Thanks Ani! This is one of our favs. also! It was fun reinventing old pieces! Thanks again for all the encouraging comments!